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TenderFlame Contour 90


A timeless design fireplace you can mount directly on the wall. With a width of only 59 cm it fits in almost anywhere. It can also be built into a wall to make it look even more like a traditional fireplace. Double layers of metal with an air gap and spacers on the back controls and reduces the heat. Can be mounted on any wall – wood, brick, and plasterboard. Burns for about 5 hours with a full tank.

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Harmless to humans and nature, TenderFuel does not release particles or other substances that are regarded as being harmful. TenderFuel is non toxic – and believe it or not – it doesn’t burn either. TenderFuel will burn in combination with our patented wick. You can safely store TenderFuel at home. IMPORTANT! TenderFuel must not be compared to or used as an alternative to bioethanol, lamp oil or other flammable liquids – or vice versa.

Additional information


• Wall fireplace
• Coated steel chassis
• Protection glass on both side of the wick
• 9 cm flat steel wick
• Lifetime warranty on the wick
• Lid
• Tank 0,5 litre
• Burning time approx. 10 hours on one litre
• Approx. 1100 watt burner
• TenderFuel – the safe and clean fuel
• No soot
• No odour
• Safe
• Colour black
• H59 x B59 x D21 cm
• Weight 15 kg




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